Guitar accessories, how to choose the right guitar accessories

What are the guitar supplies?

Commonly used guitar accessories have picks (playing, and finger sounds are different), tuner (for chording), metronome (smooth practice speed, master the concept of “unit beat”), capo (fast overall raised sound) Area), less commonly used are thumb paddles (also called finger sleeves, set on the right thumb, mostly used for country-style music, mainly playing the root sound), and the stringer (quickly changing the strings). If you are a beginner, you can change the guitar or electric guitar, the capo (medium 20-50 yuan), the spare string (10-40 yuan), and of course you have a piano bag or a box.

The piano bag 1. As the name suggests, it is the bag for the piano. The piano is placed inside the piano bag to avoid the humidity of the space. It can better protect the guitar. There are many models of the acoustic guitar bag, such as the package of 3433694041 inch, which can be shoulder or single. Shoulder, of course, you can also choose to buy the piano bag according to the size of your guitar. Xiaobian recommended for everyone this is our best sales, with a thick sponge, easy to use, light body, can be loaded with various accessories


Guitar tuning We first need to turn the tuner to ‘Guitar’ because the tuner can also adjust the violin and other instruments, the tuner is clamped on the head, we move the thickest is the sixth string, see To the tuner is 6E, 6E is correct, but the pointer on the screen does not point to the center, we need to remember that if the pointer is left, we should tighten the string. The standard tones of one to six strings are 1E, 2B, 3G, 4D, 5A, and 6E. We preferably start from the thickest string in order, because the thinnest string is easier to break, we can slowly grasp the measurement. After all the adjustments, we will slowly move the strings to see the pitch.


The metronome can help determine the speed of the song, and some songs require practice at a certain speed, which you can find through the metronome. Stabilize the rhythm of your piano practice, especially for children’s shoes with poor rhythm (troll, snap, and unstable rhythm). Through the auxiliary exercises of the metronome, this phenomenon can be greatly improved after a period of time. So the metronome makes us one of the most important tools for learning guitar.


First stretch out your right index finger and let it bend slightly; then place the guitar pick on the top of the index finger and press the first knuckle of the thumb against it. Note that the tip of the pick needs to be exposed. 3 mm;

Remind that the index finger should not be bent too tightly inside, the thumb should be as relaxed as possible, and the two fingers can be used to clamp the paddles freely and the paddles do not slip off. Among them, the thumb paddle is the paddle on the thumb, which is mainly used to emphasize the bass, especially for finger guitar players.


Acoustic guitar strings are divided into classical guitars and folk guitars. The folk strings are divided by materials. Classical guitars are divided by tension. Generally speaking, the higher the tension, the thicker the strings, the harder the material, the brighter the sound, the strings. The thicker the sound, the softer and more rounded, the lower the tension, the more comfortable the string is, but it also increases the possibility of playing. The good strings should have good sound quality, fast tuning, stable sound (if you play the piano for 2 hours a day, then the piano) String should be changed 2-3 months)


The capo (English: Capo) can be simply understood as the capo changes the position of the string pillow on the guitar to achieve the purpose of transposition. The original purpose is to adjust the tone of the guitar. It is a common auxiliary tool used in folk guitar singing. When the transfer is pressed, the product is pressed to raise the corresponding pitch, so that it is coordinated with the vocalist’s voice, and the original fingering is played, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the transfer. When used for solo tracks, the capo is often placed between the first and fourth pieces, with the highest frequency being placed in the second item. The use of the fourth product is basically only seen in the accompaniment.

The correct selection of guitar accessories has a decisive relationship with whether the instrument can be properly repaired and debugged. I hope this article can give the majority of Aegean readers some help in the use of the occasion, so as not to bring harm to the piano. The pianos are all in need of maintenance. Before I wrote about the maintenance articles, children’s shoes can pay more attention to them.