For musicians, the tuning table has always played an irreplaceable role in musical instruments, and it provides a great guarantee for musicians at critical moments. In this era of rapid development, guitar equipment has continued from traditional design to smart devices. Today, we have brought you an excellent smart guitar tuning table – the world’s first Cherub WST-930 clip-on tuner tuner developed by Wei Ke Technology, which not only has the single-string of the traditional clip-on tuning table. The tuning mode, but also the sweeping tuning mode that I couldn’t imagine before, just need to sweep the string to help you correct the pitch of each string! 

The general clip-on tuner is a very traditional look and tuning mode, but the Cherub WST-930 is definitely the pinnacle. First of all, it is equipped with a bright and easy-to-display screen, a sturdy and lightweight casing, and a modern look, and the rubber pad on the clip is also very good on the guitar, not easy to fall off. In addition, the lightning-fast response makes this tuning watch perfect for both electric and acoustic guitars. The traditional single-string tuning mode of the Cherub WST-930 has a very fast response and a friendly display interface. When the musician sweeps the string, the WST-903 automatically switches to the sweep tuning mode, and the screen changes to display 6 strings simultaneously. The pitch state, and accurately show which strings need to be adjusted, clear and simple, so that you can adjust very easily. 

The potential pollution of used batteries has caused widespread concern in all sectors of society. The used battery contains a large amount of heavy metals and electrolyte solutions such as waste acid and waste alkali. If discarded at will, corrupt batteries can destroy our water sources, erode the crops and land we depend on, and pose a huge threat to human living environment. The Cherub WST-930 tug-clip tuner has adopted a scientific and environmentally-friendly charging design. It can be used for a long battery life with only one charge, allowing the musicians to bid farewell to battery pollution! 

Technological innovation is the source of the development of Wei Ke Technology. We have never stopped and will never stop innovating. Every new product we launch will have extraordinary technological strength and be different. We are at your service. Every job we do every day is for you to learn music more scientifically and conveniently. It is easier for you to master the true meaning of music and enjoy music more perfectly.