Addario Planet Waves mini-tuner upgrade listing heavy

musical instrument accessories manufacturers as the world’s most innovative, Addario Planet Waves is proud to launch their latest products –NS mini clip headstock The tuner, which will be the leader in the Daddario tuner family.

“We are extremely proud of this new member of Daddario, which is the result of our constant self-transcendence.” Daddario’s product manager Rob Cunningham said excitedly. “This little guy can make the musicians no longer have to work hard for tuning, I think they can’t wait to equip their guitar.”

The NS Mini Head Clip Tuner was developed in collaboration with Ned Steinberger, including its predecessor, the NS Mini Tuner. The new NS mini tuner has an extremely small, concealed shape so it can be easily hidden behind the head. This way, for the musicians, they can have the best perspective for tuning, and the audience still can’t get a glimpse of it. This easy-to-use tuner is compact, compact and blends with the instrument’s unique aesthetic. Another reason for its popularity is that Planet Waves complements the ratchet design. The new NS mini tuner is well attached to your guitar, and you no longer have to worry about finding it.

The new NS mini tuner uses the latest upgraded tuning software, which is more responsive than its predecessors, and its built-in high-sensitivity piezoelectric sensor makes it accurate. And even in a hustle and dark environment, its performance is still excellent. The simple, colorful display makes your tuning very easy, the red light indicates that the tone is not accurate, and the green light is the opposite.

The NS Mini Head Clip Tuner has a wider tuning range and is suitable for a wide range of string instruments, with a metronome function.
Nowadays, the NS mini head clamp tuner has been registered in the Dadario Tmall flagship store. The small body has great wisdom. On the tall, she is exclusive to the rich and handsome, and hesitate, hurry for your love. A good friend.