Do you have these accessories that are most commonly used on guitars?

Guitar is a very popular instrument, because the sound of the guitar is good, the price is moderate, and it is easy to carry. The most important thing is to play the guitar, the boy can become handsome and the girl becomes beautiful. If you love your guitar, if you want your guitar to be young forever, if you want to be a professional guitarist. Then, the following must introduce the accessories of the guitar, you must be prepared!

guitar stringwhat? At the beginning, I just mentioned the guitar strings, but the guitar strings were not originally paid on the guitar?

Guitar strings are one of the most frequently replaced accessories on the guitar. After all, if there is no guitar string, how do you make a sound? There are many kinds of guitar strings. After playing for a while, it can be a variety of different thicknesses (affecting volume and resonance), as well as materials (affecting sounds), and just like cooking, the strings made of the same material, if different from each other. The manufacturers, then the sound will have a great change, and there is no certain standard for the adaptation of guitars and strings. It is no exaggeration to say that the choice of guitar strings can be called an art. .

2. Picking

When playing the guitar, in addition to the hand and the nail, you can also use the pick, the use of the pick in addition to the sound of playing more, it will be more crisp and bright. There are many different materials and thicknesses for the picks. The picks of different materials will not only affect the sound of playing, but also the degree of wear and tear, and the thickness is selected according to the different conditions of the user.

3. Metronome

Using the metronome during practice can develop an accurate sense of rhythm and contribute to the stability of playing. The metronome is roughly divided into two types, one is a pendulum type and the other is an electronic type. The pendulum-type metronome can only adjust the speed, the electronic one has many different functions, and there are also types that are combined with the tuner.

4. Tuner

The six strings of the guitar have their own standard pitch. Using the tuner can quickly adjust the pitch of each string, and the sound will be harmonious. There are also good and bad differences in the tuner on the market. Good tuner is more sensitive and can be adjusted correctly. Before each play, the user should develop a good habit of tuning, in order to cultivate a good sense of sound.

5. Guitar strap

Do you often see the performer, handsomely standing on the stage playing the guitar? As the saying goes, the guitarist will always lack a strap. If you don’t know what the gift of the friend who sent the guitar, it’s right to send the guitar strap! Common materials are leather straps, nylon or decompression cotton straps. Which one do you like best?

6. Capo

Because the songs are different in tone, the capo can be easily changed, so you don’t have to learn other tonal chords to make playing more convenient. A good capo is less likely to hurt the neck, and the pitch is less likely to run away.

7. Piano bag and case

In addition to being stored in the piano bag, the guitar can also be installed in the guitar case. It has more protection and safety than the piano bag, but it may be heavier and larger, and it is inconvenient to carry. Performers like to use multi-function guitar bags, and they can also be equipped with many guitar accessories.

8. Pickup

Installing a pickup to allow the guitar to output external speakers is not a patent for electric guitars. Acoustic guitar pickups are generally divided into four types: ringhole, lower string pillow, microphone and suction cup. For more information on pickups, see how to pick a guitar pickup.

9. Dehumidifier and desiccant

Because the guitar needs to be kept at a certain humidity, the tone can be kept stable, so it is often necessary to maintain the ambient humidity. The desiccant can be placed in a guitar bag or in a guitar case to reduce the humidity of the guitar. The dehumidifier can be placed indoors to directly reduce indoor humidity or maintain dryness. The best humidity for the guitar is 45 to 55%.

In the case of inconvenient use of the dehumidifier environment or when moving out, it is conceivable to attach a desiccant to the bag, but the disadvantage of the desiccant is that the life is too short and needs to be replaced frequently. Usually you need to buy a large package is more useful.

10. Qin cloth

After playing the guitar, you can use it to wipe the sweat or stains left on the guitar, keep the guitar clean, and make the strings last longer. You can also use different cloths to clean the body to make the guitar Maintain a good state.

11. Fingerboard oil

Although the wood used for the fingerboard has some oil, it will slowly evaporate in the low humidity area, causing the fingerboard to crack. As for the humidity in the south, the fingerboard will not be because of the lack of finger oil. Cracked, but because the hand sweat that flows during the playing of the piano is still moisture for the fingerboard, it may cause the wood to expand and deform for a long time. Therefore, if the oil is not compatible with the fingerboard oil, the fingerboard and the neck will naturally be protected from deformation. Or split open.

12. String oil

Because the guitar strings are exposed to the humidity of the air and the fingers for a long time, if you do not change the strings for a long time or wipe the strings after each practice, the strings may be moldy and rusted. If you change the strings, first apply a string on the strings. A thin layer of string oil can make the string less rusty and prolong the life of the string. However, if the string is too rusty, the string oil does not help much. It is recommended to change the string directly to the guitar.

13. Guitar stand

Do you think it is inconvenient to practice guitars and take them out? With the guitar stand, it’s convenient and beautiful. When you go home and see the hanging guitar, you can’t help but pick it up and play it.