The Providence BFX-1 is a pre-amplified bass programmable line selector that provides easy control of the effects, allowing the musician to focus on performance. The VITALIZER® B Impedance Converter is included in the buffer line to minimize audible attenuation due to wire and unit wiring.

In addition, with four-stage equalization control knobs, the use of Providence Bass Preamp technology brings more sounds. This BFX-1 line selector is a bass hub for your effects, making it easy to control multiple sounds!

Key Information 
This upgraded bass line selector features a high-performance Providence bass preamp with four-band equalization and VITALIZER B lines that can be used to control the on/off of EQ lines by LOOP-1

Designed for bass, the VITALIZER B line delivers a low-impedance output signal for stable sound quality in any signal connection

LOOP-3 or LOOP-4 balanced DI output can be selected via the dial switch to take advantage of other features of LOOP-4 (for independent loops)

There are four effect loops (3 in series and 1 independent), LOOP-4 (independent loop) can be used separately, with independent input and output and send-return loop interface, flexible for different system layouts

In Program Mode, the combined parameters of the four effect loops can be stored and recalled whenever needed.

All four effect loops in Direct Mode can be individually turned on/off by the spikes

80mm foot pitch for a smoother operating experience

Super bright with lens LED indicator for high visibility

High-quality bass sound 
The active line consisting of Vitalizer/four-band equalization/DI brings the original natural, penetrating, noise-free color. Equipped with high-quality electronic components, designed for bass musicians. The internal line is powered by 20V DC, which maximizes the expression and dynamic range of bass performance.

VZ IN (VITALIZER input) The 
VITALIZER line converts the input guitar and bass signals into low-impedance signals, ensuring that the original signal’s tone quality is not affected by the wires and wires. (the signal level does not change)

The IN input 
VITALIZER line has a low impedance output that can change the sound of the Fuzz effect or other effects. In this case, the IN input connector can be connected to turn the VITALIZER line into bypass mode.

The front stage 
consists of Vitalizer B (impedance conversion) and EQ equalization lines. The input level can be excited to 6dB. The volume knob controls the output level.

EQ Equalization The 
four-stage EQ equalization knob adjusts more tones to suit different musical styles. The MID (intermediate frequency) band is also equipped with a frequency adjustment knob for more precise control of the sound details. The PRESENCE knob has a subtle effect that adds a moderately high-frequency pan audio sound, resulting in an innocent, polished bass sound. All EQ frequencies are adjusted according to the bass characteristics of the bass, and the frequency response curve is specially designed to provide an unparalleled control experience and a variety of sounds.

The loop loops 
Loop1 to 3 are connected in series, and the signal switching is controlled by a mechanical relay. When the loop is closed, the corresponding send interface is muted, and the signal does not enter the effect in the loop. This feature eliminates signal fluctuations due to interactions when using some high gain effects.

The independent loop loop 
Loop4 is completely independent. It is the same mechanical relay used in Loop1-3. It can be used as a separate effect loop. The SND interface in this loop can also be used as a lock-type NC (normally closed) switcher. The output interface can be used as a latching NO (normally open) switch to remotely control the switching of the speaker channels. The circuit is grounded separately and there is no need to worry about the noise of the ground loop. It can also be used as a mute loop, A/B channel switcher, etc. If the three loops are not enough, you can connect the OUT output of the series loop to the IN input of the independent loop and connect the four loops in series.

VZ THRU (Vitalizer thru interface) 
through the VZ IN interface (VITALIZER input) or IN interface input signals are processed by the VITALIZER line and output through the VZ THRU (VITALIZER thru) interface, VZ THRU interface can be connected to the tuner, can be played Timing. The signal passed by the VZ THRU interface is independent of the main signal channel, so the main signal channel is not affected when there is a problem with the tuner or its wire.

DI OUT (DI output) 
balanced output interface for performance and recording. The Ground lift switch avoids noise from other unit ground loops. Choose Loop3 output or Loop4 output.


Product Information 
• Power: AC Power Adapter (PAP-712DC) 
• Current consumption: DC 12V, maximum 160mA (all loops open) 
• Size: 290 x 70 x 32 ~ 40 mm 
• Weight: approx. 780 g 
• Accessories: AC power adapter (PAP-712DC)

Physical beauty

The exclusive agent brand of the Rubik’s Cube musical instrument (some brands are exclusive agents in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)