Rejecting the loss of sound 
– T-REX tuneMASTER tuning table personal use of small notes 

often heard that the choice of tuner is divided into several stages: the head clip – mobile phone tuning table – tuning effect – Head clip. A friend who has just started to learn guitar, there must be one or have used someone else’s head clip tuning table, which is very convenient when it is clipped on the head. Soon after, one day the show didn’t have a tuner or lost it directly, but the surprise found that there was a tuning app on the phone. Ok, download one and find it works. After a while, I watched a performance of another band and found that some guitarists had a white display effect under the foot of the guitar. Then you asked someone else with a cheeky face. They told you that it was a tuning effect. You silently remember the name of this effect in your heart, go back home and open a treasure, look at it, not expensive, hundreds of dollars, immediately placed the order, after using it for a while, you found your guitar original The high frequency that can be emitted can’t be heard, the level is not as big as before, then I did a friend’s circle test to test the frequency of your ear age, and found that you can hear some high frequency, then you are sure that your ears are not The problem, in the end you hang up your tuning table effect on a fish, sell it, find the tuning table of your head clip in the casket, ‘Well, it’s still easy to use the clip, not to eat the sound, it’s convenient.’ 

Indeed, eating sound is a common problem with tuning tables. Although tuning instruments are very convenient, many people don’t want to buy tuning effects because they always listen to others and eat a sound. What, the author is very contemptuous of this kind of behavior! This is not a punk thing to do. To know that punk guitarist John Cummins has only used a mosrite to string a signal splitter, all the way to the speaker, all the way to the tuning table, to solve the problem of eating sound. Do you know what to eat if you know how to eat it? Only you know best. 

however! The T-REX manufacturers are most concerned about the needs of most users. Now that the signal splitter is almost extinct, this tuneMASTER effect is no longer awkward for the tuner effect users because it has a gain knob! The so-called tone loss is almost zero! Equivalent to having a tuning table and a BUFFER effect! Not only can high frequency loss be avoided, but the overall level of the signal can be increased.

In the case of tuning off, you can select TRUE BYPASS or BUFFERED BYPASS, and the switch is at the top of the effect. 

If your cable is too long or the effect chain is too long, you can choose to open BUFFERED BYPASS, which is to open the top BEEF switch, then rotate the small black knob on the panel to provide up to 10dB gain effect. Note that only the off Tuning can be applied to the gain function of BEEF. Turn on the tuning, mute off the output of your tuning table to tune, this is the same as the tuning of other brands, note that tuneMASTER not only supports guitar bass, but also supports line input, such as your electric erhu electric violin. Even your voice can! 

When you turn on tuneMASTER, if you don’t play, the LED panel only lights up in the lower right corner, reminding you that the tuning is on, playing a tone, the panel will show the pitch closest to your voice. A small red dot indicates a semitone, the pitch is low or low at the top, and the left is low. When the entire LED screen turns green, good, accurate. 

The LED display has a large display and bright colors. Whether you are dimly lit or the lights are too messy, you can tune in your many effects. Responsive, as long as your piano is not too small, 30 seconds to complete the tuning is completely ok.