8 guitar accessories that are easily overlooked

A well-chosen selection of guitar accessories will save you from the hassle of dealing with difficult problems. Whether you’re using an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, whether you’re playing a show or just playing it yourself, you should have a suitable set of accessories. Let’s take a look at the eight guitar accessories that are often overlooked, but are actually very practical.

Guitar winding / string cutter

I find that many guitarists think that the guitar wrap/chord is something that beginners will use. This view is incorrect. The guitar wrap/chord is very practical and convenient, especially when you are in a hurry, it is definitely a weapon. Take D’Adario Planet Waves DP0002 Pro-Winder as an example. When changing guitar strings, if you use it (or any kind of chord), you can tighten the guitar strings faster, which is much faster than freeing them, but this is just one of its many advantages. One. With its built-in string cutter, you can easily cut extra strings, you can also use it to cut the ribbon and so on. It also comes with a tool for pulling out the acoustic guitar bridge pins. Using a guitar wrap/chord does not make you look like a rookie – it’s just a versatile tool.

Felt mark

If you play regularly, you will notice that the carefully adjusted knobs on the guitar speakers and pedals will always deviate during transport. Many guitarists like to use markers to mark their positions on the device. Sweetwater’s guitarists like to use markers like the StageTrix Setting Saver. The pen’s handwriting can emit very bright green fluorescence, and you can see them clearly even on a dark stage. You can also use it to mark channels on the mixer, write the band’s name on the score, record the list of settings for the band members, and more.


Jumpers can be very useful if you use a lot of effect pedals often – when you rearrange the effects pedal, if you find that a cable is one inch or two inches shorter, it is when the jumper comes in handy. It is. If you are a regular performer, you should prepare more jumpers at hand in order to be prepared. To save space, you can use a flat jumper like the EBS PCF-DL10 – the new jumper uses a flat cable and the connector is also flat, when you install multiple effects pedals. This space-saving design can help you a lot. If you’re a guitarist who likes to do it yourself, Emerson Custom’s DIY Pedal Cable Kit is definitely the smart choice – it’s a solderless connection, and you can easily customize the jumper on the road or in the show.

Portable guitar stand

Even if you like to put it in a box when you’re not using it, in many cases, having a portable guitar stand can bring you great convenience – especially if you just want to put the guitar down for a few seconds. under. Large tripods and multi-function brackets are great, but their portability is not as good as a portable guitar stand. For example, the Hercules Stands GS200B EZ Pack guitar stand, which is suitable for electric guitars and acoustic guitars, is small in size but has very good stability. You can easily put it in the device bag and carry it with you very conveniently.

For those who regularly participate in the show, it’s useful to have a spare guitar speaker – if at the time of the show, your guitar speaker starts to be out of control, makes noise, and even the power is not connected, but you don’t have a spare guitar at hand. Speaker, that can be troublesome. Most guitarists think that preparing a spare guitar speaker is the best way to solve this kind of problem, but the truth is that most guitarists are not prepared for their own spare guitar speakers. If the reason is that you think it’s too cumbersome to prepare a guitar speaker, then consider the Vox MV50 series, a compact guitar head. This compact guitar head with a Nutube vacuum tube is much smaller than the effect pedal, and because it uses a true tube, it provides satisfactory results and works with 8 ohm or 4 ohm speakers. At the time, I can make a very loud sound. If you’re using an all-in-one guitar speaker, you can connect an alternate guitar speaker to the built-in speaker of the all-in-one speaker when something goes wrong. The concept of an alternate guitar speaker is not new, but the latest generation of compact guitar speakers is a relatively new product that makes it easier for musicians to use spare guitar speakers.

Acoustic guitar humidifier

Any instrument made of wood is subject to ambient temperature and humidity. If you put the guitar at home, the temperature may not cause any problems – but the humidity will have a big impact on your guitar. In the Midwest, the relative humidity in summer can approach 100%, but the relative humidity in winter may be as low as zero. In this case, the truss tie rod needs to be adjusted frequently. In this case, you can use a guitar humidifier like MusicNomad Humitar to keep the humidity in your guitar case. This guitar humidifier is easy to place, easy to use, and keeps the humidity in your guitar box at the right level. Putting the guitar in an overly dry environment for a long time can damage the guitar, such as the bridge will be lifted, the surface of the guitar will be bent and even cracked.

Why prepare tape? There is really no mystery here – just because sometimes you need to use tape to hold something. Whether you’re fixing your device list to the stage, attaching the cable to the stand, or attaching a label to the instrument case. Electrical tapes such as the GaffTech GT Pro are very popular in the industry because they are not only durable, they leave no residue after they are removed – it is likely that you have used it at home. Another benefit of GaffTech GT Pro is that it can also be used with the GaffGun tape kit to save you time.


Why do you need a flashlight? I don’t think I need to know you. Flashlights are very useful when erecting equipment on a dark stage. In fact, flashlights are more useful before or after a show or recording – for example, looking for things at the bottom of a backpack, searching for lost power in a suitcase, looking for an event venue at night, and so on. The Ansmann Inspection Lamp X7 LED flashlight is very popular because it is not only bright, but also has both beam and floodlight settings, and has a magnet on the flashlight that can be attached to the metal surface for easy hands-free lighting. . It is about the same size as a marker and is very convenient to carry.