Don’t underestimate the guitar strings, there are a lot of secrets here, see you know a few

Don’t underestimate the guitar strings, there are a lot of secrets here, see you know a few

Do not buy Guan, directly say the key!

Q: The state of the guitar strings directly affects the sound of the guitar. Do you know how often the strings should be replaced?

A: The guitar strings are not with anti-rust coating, and the anti-rust coating, then the less rust-resistant strings, it is recommended to change once a month or so, and the strings with anti-rust layer can be three Change it once a month or so. Some people always keep changing the strings, or which one is broken. This is not very good. Strings are consumables. For a long time, the tension of the strings will be worse, and the sweat and oil stains on the hands will cause the acoustic quality of the strings to deteriorate. Therefore, it is necessary to change them regularly. In order to maintain the consistency of the sound, it is best. It is to replace the entire string.

Q: On the string packaging, 010, 011, 012… What do these numbers mean?

A: This is the thickness of the strings, that is, the diameter of a string, the strings of different thicknesses, the feel and the tone are not the same.

Q: Are the guitar strings all metal?

A: Of course not. Folk guitars and electric guitars are mostly metal strings, while classical guitars are mostly nylon strings and sheep strings. Nylon strings are synthetic materials, which are made by using the internal mucosa of the intestines of sheep to form very fine fibers, which are then chemically treated, washed, glued, etc. The sausage string is the best, but the price is also very high.

Q: How do you choose the thickness of the strings?

A: The acoustic guitar is generally 010, 011, 012, 013. The strings of 010 and 011 are soft, easy to press, and the tension is relatively small, but the vibration and bass are not as obvious as the thick strings of high tension. Also very suitable for novice use, folk songs generally use 011. The strings of electric guitars are generally 009, so it is very convenient to play some solo, show the skills of playing the piano, play for a long time, the fingers will not be too hard. But the style of heavy metal and rock, may use 010. In the fingering guitar, some people choose 012, and special requirements will choose 013.

Q: What is the material of the folk guitar strings?

A: The acoustic guitar strings are generally high carbon steel cores with brass and phosphor bronze wound on the surface. The brass-based strings are warm and the phosphor bronze-based strings are bright.

Q: What internal factors affect the life of the strings?

A: There are many reasons that affect the life of the strings. External factors such as corrosion, long-term use, etc., there are also internal factors, such as coated strings can have a long service life, and vice versa. However, some people think that the coated strings are not as good as the uncoated ones.

Q: Which brand of strings is good?

A: This is a bad question. Choosing the strings requires consideration of the guitar itself, as well as the individual’s own situation, but also the playing place, playing style, etc., so the best way is to try more to find the right string for you. The right one is the best. Not just looking at the brand. However, the strings of well-known brands will make you less detours in the process of trying.