The Schaller guitar accessories from Germany have been selling well in China for many years. The completely independent design concept, high-quality materials and strict quality control make the Schaller brand unique in the field of musical instrument accessories.

Schaller’s line of chords is available in a wide variety of styles and is suitable for most of the guitars and basses available on the market. Its performance is stable and its precision is very high. It is well received by users all over the world.

At Namm 2017, Schaller introduced the new M6 Series, offering five mounting options, including M6 90°, M6 135°, and M6 180° (pictured below) for all types of guitars. Since then, users who want to change to the Schaller rewinder no longer have to worry about the need to drill new screw holes in their beloved guitar!

Above: Schaller M6 90 posts for solid headstock 19.7mm

Above: Schaller M6 135 posts for slotted headstock


The new M6’s string has five different materials: metal, imitation pearls, ebony, latex and bone. The coiler itself has 10 different materials: nickel, chrome, matte chrome, black chrome, gold, enamel, matte pearlescent, old copper, matte black and matte gold. In addition to this, there are left and right sides. There are tens of thousands of combinations!

Schaller accessories are standard on the market for some of the world’s high-end guitar brands, and are also ideal for OEM upgrades or DIY. For the importance of high-quality winders, you can refer to the following article.